December 19, 2016

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Holiday vee-hickles at Christmas Lights….the Christmas store.

Every day there’s a little holiday stuff here and over there too.  Some are secret.  I don’t keep secrets well, but it’s my job to do it this year.  Some stuff isn’t…I forgot to include Margot’s money in her Christmas Package.  Oh, Mea Culpa and apologies galore.

Gatherings too.  At the Shop, at the Museum, and even here.  More Mea Culpa’s as I forgot to give one couple our address.  The house actually looked charming put back in order after the early fuss of the season.  It’s amazing how fast package wrapping stuff grows to fill all the corners.

Saturday, George worked a few hours early then actually took the rest of the day off.  Sunday he worked an awful lot of hours and got his two queues dented in the morning.  Today he started at 6 in Subrogation without a nod to the gym at all.  Our holiday this year is subsumed by the new account.  I don’t mind, but I must honestly say it’s getting a fraction lonely around here.  Obviously I’ve been spoiled.

  • Himself:  Working with a meeting tonight.

  • Herself:  Laundry, play with photos, run errands, more laundry, and watching the Oprah interview with Mrs. Obama.

  • Reading:  Anne Perry’s Pitt mysteries.

  • Gratitudes:  Glad I have G here even if they haven’t hired someone new yet.


    1. The picture of your store is just wonderful. I don't see those kinds of goodies are our thrift stores here so I am very jealous.

      1. That's a store called the Christmas Store. We love it too. :) Unfortunately it's way to close to our house.

    2. Busy season and it will all be over in two weeks! I am wrapping today shopping and wrapping tomorrow.

    3. great photo! Down to the wire, we are! /Yoda

    4. Your thrift store always looks amazing! Did you see this Carpool Karaoke with Michelle Obama?
      She is so awesome!

      1. Missed it sorry. But I'm watching the Michelle/Oprah interview tonight. :)

    5. What a nice display. I'd be tempted to go into debt and purchase all of it.

    6. What a great looking shop! Sorry you're lonesome. I've been watching more of the "Hollow Crown" on PBS in between wrapping presents. Next installment has Benedict Cumberbatch. Got all but two grandkids taken care of...too close.


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