January 16, 2017


I bought George a bird feeder and seed for Christmas.  Yesterday we were off to Lowes where he found a plant hanger that “would do.” 

For a while yesterday afternoon, he hung out his office window and mounted it on the window frame.  “In the summer’s it’s going to be hidden by the trees.”  He’s hoping that the association members never look up when they do their walk-abouts this winter.

We both note that it’s the busiest fast food place in the neighborhood.

  • Himself:  He’s very happy.  Makes him take breaks.

  • Herself:  Groceries yesterday.  Read at the meeting last night saying it was a “program of attrition” instead of “a program of attraction.”  Humbled by 300 folks laughing at me.  Laundry and receipts from the store today.  Sad with grandson David.  His love died at City of Hope Duarte this weekend. 

  • Reading:  Box…bloody but well written.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am coughing less at last.


    1. Glad you are feeling better. Sad for your David.

    2. The birds are a wonderful diversion. Enjoy!

    3. We have a fruitless pear tree in the backyard that I can see from the family room. It has a place where I can put seeds and nuts for the squirrels and birds. I get quite a show every day. I know your George will love the entertainment.

    4. Are you close enough to David to help. A big moment in his life. Birds are so attractive to us oldies but goodies.

    5. We bought new feeders as the squirrels keep eating ours. They have a particular fondness for the Audobon Squirrel-Proof ones.
      However, we really enjoy watching all the feathered ones feasting while they can.

    6. Replies
      1. Oh, it is wall to wall finch's here.


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