January 22, 2017


The vanguard of the Women’s March nearing the main door of the Art Deco, WPA, County Administration building against the background of three cruise ships.  Photo: G.

The famous motto above the door says, “The noblest Motive is the Public Good.” Virgil. Photo: G.

I was deeply moved by the whole experience of the Women’s March yesterday.  How 55,000 marchers fit onto the lawn in front of the deco Administration Building, I didn’t know.  They did, and I was amazed. 

I was amazed by the passion and caring of the men and women of all ages.

They walked if they could.  Many waited at the finish line with their walkers or wheel chairs.  Many my age had marched before.  We had lunch, water, umbrellas, and some even had rain poncho’s.  I remember being unable to get a credit card in my own name, unable to get birth control, and unable to do many things the men could do.  This March, many men took part also.

Since yesterday, I have been posting my and other’s photos on Facebook.  Sharing this passion.  Sharing our reactions.  The New York Times has done a Wonderful job compiling compelling photos of Marchers all over the world, and I am sharing them with you on this link.


  1. This is so awesome! I'm so happy and proud for you, Mage!

  2. Well done, Mage. It must have been inspiring!

    Those photos in the New York Times are incredible.

  3. We marched in Hilo... a truly inspiring day!

  4. My Facebook page is continually full of pink landscapes from my friends from all over the U.S.and few global. This is the beginning and we cannot back down. WE must be MUCH MORE proactive with our postcards, letters, phone calls and money. This new guy has already said today he is going to select who can come to the press briefings and who cannot!

    1. That's apalling. And the lies grow.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. So wonderful.
    BTW: Your storm bumped us all around on our flight back home to Hawaii from Arizone!

  7. Thanks for marching. Mostly college students marched here. On the opposite coast a friend there with sign & her family matched -- started a chant in front of Lincoln Memorial. Others I knew from L.A. marched in D.C., too. I was with all in spirit.

  8. It was inspiring and great that it seemed to dispel much of the gloom. I wish I could have joined you.


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