January 3, 2017


An Convention Center empty lobby.

The new year lies empty before us.  Fresh.  New.  No crowds, no fuss, just clean emptiness waiting for adventure and dreams to fill the spaces…to fill the corners.

We finished off the last of the old year with inner things…peace, serenity, acceptance…all those good ways to start out a new year.  We saw a lot of old and new friends while we were busy this weekend.  Sometimes these little bits of life are a blessing that carry on a long time.

We dressed down for Sunday’s meeting.  That may mean nothing to you, but to us it was a wonderful relaxation.  We no longer have jobs there that need fancy clothes.  We did rouse ourselves from the holiday lethargy to work at the San Diego Automotive Show.  We chased kids away from the ropes, and I referred all car questions to the great George.  He knew all the answers.  By the end of the day I knew the names of most of the cars.

Today it’s back to work for both of us.  I’m off to the shop to help with the yearly inventory.  Yes, every item is counted.  George is back to the gym and to regular hours at work, as far as we know.  The pinks in the sky are fading, and I welcome the new year clean from the showers. 


  • Himself:  It looks like there still will be some overtime.  He’s also bought all the parts for his new computer.  I plead for the leftovers to go on shocks for Grumpy.
  • Herself:  Work until noon.  Haircut.  Reading, puttering with Christmas stuff.  Don’t forget that Christmas isn’t over until the 5th.
  • Reading:  Peters and Perry.  The brother Cadfael mysteries offer a wonderful balance to my life.
  • Gratitudes:  Just being here today.


    1. We were sure glad you could help out with the car show!

    2. so that's what the convention center looks like when it's empty? I've only been there during Comic Con. :: shudder :: LOL

    3. I too felt very grateful for a new day to be here. Our kids are on their way to visit for the rest of the week, our last week before we return to normal schedules and routines.

    4. Yes, I do like beginnings when I can pretend to be a better me. Reading Far from the Madding Crowd because I never read it. Thinking about getting a new PC to better work with photos and a new graphics card. Wishing George was here. I have so many questions. All alone until the 14th or 15th and spending time organizing closets, etc.

    5. I love the way you describe the year which "lies empty." It puts the onus on us to make it what it will be! Great description! I hope you can fill your year with your favourite things!

    6. Always upbeat. I love visiting you.


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