January 4, 2017


My friend DeAnna on vacation.

I’ve been having a problem with the gentleman who prices my books.  The pricing part is wonderful.  Then he shelves them.  Right then.  Randomly.  I asked him over and over again to please not shelve the books.  Yesterday he first said many times that he didn’t want to talk about it, then he yelled that he was going to shelve them no matter what and didn’t see any reason to shelve them by category, and, and…..

I didn’t yell back.  You would be very proud of me.

I tried to talk with the boss yesterday.  She was preoccupied and I left feeling that she didn’t care about anything.  Then I got to thinking about it.  Silly me.  Today at work I found that he shelved again.  At least he left me a little that I could do before and after my doctor’s appointment.  (See Below.)  That cheered me, but I still was feeling as if my job was vanishing under my heels. 

Just as I was leaving, I stopped in to talk to the boss again…a much better talk today.  She too can’t get through to him.  No matter what anyone says, any books back in the sorting area are too many books to him.  He shelves them.  “Did I want another job too?” She asks.

So it appears that I am still the booklady, but I also get to put the receipts in order.  I had to laugh.  At myself.  As Grumpy and I drove home, I cranked up the jazz thinking of my friend DeAnna who loves jazz.  And smiling all the way.


  • Himself:  Started really early so he could get his hours in and take me the doctor’s office too.  Got some of his own paperwork done there too.
  • Herself:  Acute Sinusitus, polyps, infection…cough, cough, referrals to the ENT guy, the hand guy too, as well as a dermatologist for my several funguses.  I was good and took my list with me.  One of my favorite people from the 1960’s has just begun volunteering at the Shop.  What fun.
  • Reading:  Another Cadfael and I brought home one of those train journey books too.

  • Gratitudes:  That I still have a job with books.  LOL

    1. Work can be frustating but you handled it so well!

    2. It is a volunteer job. Keep that in mind. If things begin to go awry with my volunteer work, I remember that it's a volunteer position. I don't have to stay if I don't like it, or if I want to stay, I need to figure out a way to deal with it.

      1. That's exactly what I am thinking. Thanks.

    3. A good friend from the 60s? You do lead a charmed life even if you no longer shelve the books. I would guess that customer complaints might get things back to the way they were. Sorry about this. Here you are volunteering and you have to deal with a bit of an idiot.

      1. Nope, I still work with the books. Me, I don't think he is quite bolted together right. As DKZODY says, it's just a volunteer job.

    4. Perhaps the shelver should be shelved.

    5. Sounds like Shelver has some issues -- maybe he's wearing out in some cognitive areas. Jazz would certainly be the music to which I would turn, too. How 'bout a little "Takr Five"?

    6. You can't just willy nilly shelve books! Then again, I understand how it is working with old men set in their ways. Trust me.


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