January 1, 2017


1948: The first formal portrait.

My family started a little small.  My grandfather had two children, and those two kids had three.  Tom, Jerry, and Mage….that’s my generation.  Jerry sent me a packet of photos last week that my mother had sent to her mother.  What a treat to see them again with my mother’s handwriting on the back.

I’ve added a few more here to make fill out the story for myself.

Age 17 standing in front of #20.

1964, As a not put together Army SP4….even the patch is coming off.


1969.  In Balboa Park.  Photo C. Davis.

1979, in OB.

1983, end of my drinking the first time.

2001, In front of the New Tait, London.  Photo, G.

2016: Dieting.  Photo: Captain Poolie.


  1. What a nice travel through time. Glad you shared your years.

  2. Great photos through your life! Happy New Year, Mage.

  3. It is ok the patches were coming loose.

  4. What an interesting trip through time. I see you change from a joyful and innocent to a woman who knows who she is and why she is here on this journey. Happy New Year!

    1. That's the worst recent photo of me I could find. I'm not really that wide, but the photo encourages me to lose more weight in it's awfulness. LOL

  5. I think we have traveled some of the same roads.

  6. Beautiful you! I love seeing you at all of these stages of life.

    Thank you for always leaving such kind, warm and encouraging comments on my blog.

    Happy New Year, dear Mage. You're a true gem.



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