January 31, 2017


The Mission Beach Plunge in 1983.

It was never really quiet…it echoed, but it was a dramatic building.  Generations of San Diegans learned to swim here.  I was forbidden to go here in the 1950’s because of the Polio epidemic.  I did once anyway.



  • Himself:  Taking me to the doc.  Not the Ent but the hand doc.
  • Herself:  The ENT doctor’s appointment isn’t until next month…cough, cough.  I was heroic with the errands yesterday, or at least that’s the way I felt.  Today I will feel heroic after seeing the hand doc.
  • Reading:  Stabenow.
  • Gratitudes: 


    1. So sad to see an old friend die. Yes polio. My cousin developed it and we had to take naps....forever. Get well soon. I am better and not bitter.

    2. What an awesome looking building! I sure hope you feel better soon, Mage. I THINK I remember getting the polio sugar cube with the vaccine as a kid at the elementary school. I think. My memories are so foggy.

    3. Such a beautiful facility for that time!

    4. I remember the polio scare and all of us being taken to an elementary school in the next town to get those sugar cube vaccines before we started getting the shots. Is the pool going to be rebuilt or is it gone, gone, gone. Being brave is about all we have control over at our age!

    5. My parents once refused to let me go to a friend's cottage around that time. I think the polio scare was part of it, but if I remember correctly it was more to do with not trusting the friend who could be adventurous.

    6. I remember the Plunge and Belmont Park--my sisters and I used to use our school bus pass to get there and would spend all day just walking around the boardwalk and laying about in the sand. I didn't swim (still don't) so the water wasn't an attraction for me, but my sisters loved it.


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