January 14, 2017


Men’s ties on display.

I left a bare tho tidy store Wednesday and returned Friday to find it blossomed with newness.  The decorative suspenders, ties, and bags for the men, were just the start.  Purses, hats, jewlery, gloves, belts, and filled the store with their delightful colors.  I had no idea how an accessory event could be a success, but this one certainly is.  It just takes an inventive mind for the displays.

Store things.  That’s what I have been photographing lately three days a week.

George has been working on my computer on his lunchtime while I have been at the store.  A new motherboard, a new power supply, and a really good graphics card will make my old desktop live a few more years.  I am really grateful.  Not only that, but he also had to reload Kaperski, my anti-everything program, as the 2017 version wouldn’t let me into Facebook or let me post pictures in Word.  I was almost reduced to yelling at my computer.

Today we mailed off all our neighbors mail to her at her mother’s home in the south.  First dad died, and now her mother has gone dramatically downhill.  Our friend is there for a while…darn it.  Next we stopped in at two estate sales.  One marvelous three house complex in escrow.  All one can hope is that they don’t tear it down.  Next a delightful, very small but filled with light condo right on the bay.  I wouldn’t mind living there at all.

I confess we have been shopping.  I found a stone necklace and a Dior scarf at the store.  At the estate sales, I couldn’t let go a delightful, imaginatve, and colorful carved toucan, a dish to match one of ours, and an amusing silk scarf.  What I really went for was a light for my sewing table.  I may have to go to a real store.  Darn.


  • Himself:  Off to the museum to be a docent.  He had lots of fun shopping till he dropped today.

  • Herself:  Pancakes for lunch with their side of guilt.

  • Reading:  Peters.

  • Gratitudes:  That I could climb stairs and roll down hills this morning with George.


    1. I enjoy hearing about your estate sale expeditions, Mage. They sound so interesting, with surprises and unexpected treasures in great settings.

    2. A person who can create a good display is wonderful. We have a store at one of our museums where the lady who puts out stuff is very good. Glad you are in the best place right now. Yes, my PC will be Intel, 4 Core, solid state..whatever in the hell all that means? I am trying to do research on it and it looks like LOTS of money. This year I pull out the first of my retirement, so that is where it goes.

      1. You won't regret it. Solid state is where the electronics are all one piece and don't have a round disc that moves. Stabile and will last longer.

    3. I have some stairs you could climb. They leave me winded. Going downhill sucks. Sad for your friend.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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