February 2, 2017


You can find me out on the bay any day I can get there.  Even on an uninspired day like today, I’d love to be out on the water. 

This NASA image is courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.  I grew up on the bottom left side of the bay.  Today I live up near the middle of that drooping point of land to the left.  If I didn’t have life in the way, I could see the bay. 

Here I am off to visit the seals, the visiting ships, and touring the bay with the tourists on a sunny chill day.  This is the Pilot boat built in 1914.  We belong to the Maritime Museum which often offers special tours like this.  We have been in gun battles, toured visiting ships, and often we have gone out on one of their small boats on the bay.


  • Himself:  Beginninng to make life easier with the new client.  He’s really enjoying his bird feeder.
  • Herself:  Back in the pool.  Laundry, library.
  • Reading:  The JA Jance still.
  • Gratitudes:  I find myself saying thank you about everything all day.


    1. What a perfectly wonderful way to spend the day! Wow! You're back in the pool already!

    2. If I didn't get so sea sick I also would love boat tours more. I do take them now and again, but worry that the seas will be rolly-polly.

    3. You have a connection to the sea. Me too! Love it!

    4. That looks like a long, sheltered bay. Is the thin part of the left man made?

      1. It's filled in a bit. The big blog at the end, Coronado Island used to be two islands and was filled in to make one.

    5. Lovely pictures....we're looking at now here..brrrr.

    6. My exposure to water was the fresh variety way inland on the continent. Lucky you to have been exposed to the salt variety so many years and when you were younger. Always enjoy Dana Point whenever I visit friends living nearby -- so much I'd like to do on water. Whale watching trips with family been most enjoyable, too.

    7. Love the Satellite photo. As many times as I've flown into San Diego, I had not realized the shape of the bay an why it is such a fine harbor.

    8. This so resonates with me. I love the water; I love California (particularly San Diego); I love boats. There is such peace out there.


    9. Reading backwards (not literally) and trying to catch up... Hugs, T


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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