February 1, 2017


·       Park service volunteers posing as the Cabrillo Lighthouse keeper and his wife on the anniversary of the National Park system. 
·       One of those typical worn-out-hand visits to the doctor’s office.  A shot for the trigger finger, and x-rays on both hands.  The right hand is bone on bone, so if called for, surgery will be done on both hands the same day.  Wear a brace on the trigger finger for two weeks, and we will see.
·       Deep rich fog this morning.  I got up at three something and couldn’t see out the door.  It was lovely and soft and almost alluring.
·       Trying the pool with two braces this morning.  Trying work with two braces.


  • Himself:  Took half a sick day to take me to the hand doc.  Wonderful man.
  • Herself:    Disappointed that there was no new NCIS, and that NCISLA is a riviting three parter.
  • Reading:  the 2016 JA Jance.
  • Gratitudes:  That I got out of the doc so easily, and that G discovered my wedding ring was broken while we were there.  It's in the shop to be repaired now.


    1. Hope the brace helps...not good to have the hands out of commission.

    2. Not fun.

      Sue's engagement ring is also currently in for repair.

    3. My son is having nerve problems in his hand due the repetitive computer work he does. I wish he would listen to me, but he is a stubborn ASS!

    4. I admire your keep-going-ness. Wishing you wonderful results for your hands.

    5. Sounds painful, Mage. Hope you get some relief soon.

    6. Working my way back to see I have missed several posts. Where have I been? Probably fighting with someone on FB.

      1. Had to laugh at this, as it's probably the reason I'm behind in reading Mage's posts!

    7. Dear Mage -- I've had numerous surgeries on my hands for trigger digit... I hope yours goes well. You have an excellent nurse (Mr. G), so I know when you have your corrective surgery, you'll be well tended to. I do hope your surgery goes well... Healing hugs to you...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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