February 13, 2017


I thought I would show you the other thumb cast coming off in 2014.  You know….that color wasn’t bad.  I was more afraid of the saw than I was of the surgery. 

After finding that picture, it’s on to errand day today.  Cleaning, laundry, groceries, errands….gotta get himself something for tomorrow, do the receipts at work.  They aren’t happy with me, but I am a worn out volunteer.  They will like me better with hands.

Taco Tuesday tomorrow….G and I will go wallow in tacos at the Brigantine and hold hands a bunch.  Perhaps more.    


  • Himself:  He reupped my Win 7, no gym, work, and a meeting.
  • Herself:  Many errands and a good book.
  • Reading:  Another Stabenow.
  • Gratitudes:  Just to be here today.  Loving my big bed too.


    1. Have a wonderful day, tacos or otherwise!

    2. You seem to be having better and better days. I think you are on the upswing and I am so glad.

    3. Ah yes, I can so identify with casts on hands. Mmmph! so very glad I had my surgeries; they made such a difference in my pain levels and my ability to DO things. I just discovered another blogger and they have a link on their page called FOLLOW where a person can subscribe to the blog's posts. I can't find the FOLLOW link on your blog. Can you tell me where to find it so I can subscribe?? Thank you!

    4. Yup two hands very important for holding Tacos.

    5. That saw thing left a little scar on my son's arm which disappeared as the years went on, but even though it didn't cut him, it must have scraped skin or something.


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