February 18, 2017


She wrote the note on the bottom of the picture.  See the bottom picture for how far she has come.

  • GOOD DIANE NEWS: GOOD DIANE NEWS. She can swallow water from a sponge and can move her right leg a little. Both her eyes are now open. She's in the Acute Stroke Unit, so she is now out of ICU. She is at George Washington University Hospital in the District of Columbia if anyone is wanting to send flowers.
·       https://schmidleysscribblins.com/>Diane’s daughter sent a message that tells us, “She is fairly aware of what's going on around her, and I would guess fairly scared too since she cannot move her right side or communicate except to move her head to gesture no and squeeze one's hand if saying yes. I sat with her for many hours today and held her hand. She squeezed rather tightly, so I know she is aware and glad we're there. She can open one eye somewhat and see. She does have a feeding tube because she cannot swallow. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and thank you to everyone else also.”
·       I’m also praying for David, her dogs, and her parrots.  I don’t think David can take care of things now.
·       My eldest daughter is a friend too.  Tonight’s her 39th birthday, again, and we are taking her to a real restaurant for non-fast-food in adult company.  She has come a long, long way from the homeless addict-alcoholic she used to be.  Did I say we were proud of her.  We sure are.

2016: Margot and her sister Amber.


  1. Holding good thoughts for Diane.....and congratulations to your daughter for coming so far.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Mage. I can imagine what a relief it is for you.

    Thank you very much for the update on Dianne. Good gosh! I feel so awful for the pain and fear she must be suffering right now. We've had a bit of a scare on my end too. What is it about winter that seems to bring on so many health issues? We'll all be keeping Dianne in our thoughts.

  3. How wonderful for your daughter to have her life on track.she deserves a great day.

    Thanks for the update on Diane. I pray she recovers and that David holds on too.

  4. Thank you for the update on Diane. Happy Birthday to your girl, good for her! Have a great time together.

  5. Oh wow! Yesterday (the 18th) was our son Paul's birthday too -- he turned the big Five-Oh! We threw a small surprise party for him. His younger brother, sis-in-law, cousin and nephew drove up from San Diego to spend his birthday with him. It was a great surprise and we all went out to dinner at Domingo's Mexican restaurant. Came back home to cake and ice cream. A great evening with family.

  6. I love the 39th Birthday 'again'. Happy smiles . Have a happy time.

  7. I've been scrolling back to see what happened to your hand but can't find the post. Heigh ho! The important thing is you are healing.


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