February 10, 2017


·       Ah, all the cookbooks before I culled them. 
·       We both liked the new ENT doc. 
·       Nightmares night before last.  I was a veggy yesterday…dozing, trying to help get the gas smell out of a neighbor’s home. 
·       Jewelry sale at work today, so I and the good camera will go in early today.
·       Errands: Mundane things like picking up the cleaning, planning dinner.
·       Checking my fluid and med levels.  LOL

  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting, gaming.
  • Herself:  Pool, work, reading, dinner, reading.  Only forgot my glasses and watch this morning.  Still have surgery and follow up appointments.  GP follow up.  Cat scan, and Derm.  This will all end at some point only to be done again next year.
  • Reading:  More Dana Stabenow.
  • Gratitudes:  No polyps in the lower sinus.


    1. Hah! You must eat, or have eaten, very well. :)

    2. Love your former cookbook collection. Hard to part with; last year I gave 2/3 of mine to AAUW's book sale. I survived and didn't go buy any of them back ;-)

    3. It is amazing how many cookbooks we had in the day. Now it is all in my Ipad. Such a space saver!

    4. Your life sounds a bit like mine. Only a bit mind you. I cancelled the gym membership. May try the local gym, free to county residents. All the equipment, etc. Back to cooking soon. The respiratory illnessin January laid me low. Saw GP yesterday...all systems go, but still anemic. Looking forward to those photos from the shop. i see you have some of the cook books i have, though I have many fewer cook books.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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