February 14, 2017


Oh, two pounds of chocolates on my much appreciated morning tray.  We both visited See’s.  I got him a small box of truffles.  Ah, guilt.  Perhaps out-of-sight/out-of-mind will work in this case.  Just to make it worse, the package now tells you how many carbs are in two pieces.

Life continues to devolve into dentist and doctor visits.  He broke a crown, my plate fit was a little off.  A follow up with my GP tomorrow too.  All this is mitigated by the opening of the new show tomorrow night at G’s museum….”First Responders.”  This should be fun.  G said he recognized people in the photographs around the units. 


  • Himself:  Work at 7am, dentist, taco’s out.
  • Herself:  Pool, laundry, library…dentist’s wife gave me a giant bag of real hardbounds, dinner out.
  • Reading:  Bowen.
  • Gratitudes:  Everything but the chocolate.


    1. Enjoy the chocolates and the day, Mage.

    2. I bought Terry a pound of See's. It's all for him, though, as I'm not a fancier of chocolates any more. Caramels? Well, that's another story. But no one gave me caramels for Valentines so I am safe.

    3. I have a dental appointment coming up too. :(

    4. I received a heart box of chocolates from our friends when they came to visit on Monday. Then yesterday, another friend dropped off some chocolate and a Valentine's Day card with a heart decorated dish cloth! Such great friends... Hug G for me...

    5. Ack! I'm still not seeing what kind of surgery you had. Sees? I love Sees... too much.


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