February 20, 2017


Laka and Margot with Bill behind them.  Christmas 2016.

Making a list.  Or two.  Shopping.  Now I have fresh and frozen foods in the refrigerator.  We have breakfast, lunches and dinners to the ready.  I found “loose” clothes….a George T-shirt.  My PJ bottoms…they will do.  Prescription to CVS.  I still have to call the surgery center one more time tomorrow…they aren’t open Mondays.  His dress shirt is in the cleaners.  He can pick it up on Friday.

Oh, all the trivia of going away without going.   All the small stuff. 

Even the big stuff like laundry is done.  It’s only 16 days till the wrapping and cast comes off.  One nurses aide I swim with volunteered to come help with my one big problem…the bathroom.  I might be able to use the toilet then rinse in the shower.  There’s always that.

Counting the days.  Three days till surgery.  One more day at work.  Two more days in the pool.


  • Himself:  He’s beyond kind.
  • Herself:  Nothing new about Diane.  I worry.  The Captain is out of the hospital, and we are much cheered.  Heartened
  • Reading:  Peter Bowen’s Du Pre series.  Ordered the three I didn’t have from ABE books for a wonderful ten bucks.
  • Gratitudes:  The Captain; that I am not in control; that Bobbie had a great opening for her latest group show.  Mostly for the kindness of others.


    1. The problem with sporadic blog reading is that when I return after an absence, I realize how much I've missed. Sincere best wishes with the surgery.

    2. Thinking of you in the days ahead for surgery and recovery, Mage.

    3. Hope all goes well. It certainly sounds as though you are prepared on the 'home front'.

    4. Thankful that you are not in control says it all. Release your worries to others and live in the moment. If you look back you will see you have gotten through stuff like this before.

    5. Taking a trip, not taking a trip..............

    6. Thinking of you every day. You've prepared well. Soon it will be behind.

    7. It must be an anxious time for you. Wishing you the best.

    8. I'm still looking to see what kind of surgery you had...


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