February 6, 2017


Another lovely meditative rose to offer you. 

For me, the month will be doctor’s appointments.  An eye follow up today.  0945 ENT Thursday.  Next Wednesday a follow up with my primary care person along with a show opening at the Auto Museum.  Why Wednesday, I don’t know.  Somewhere in here is the trigger finger release and rebuilding of my right thumb.

I meditated in the hot tub this morning.  It was perfect.


  • Himself:  Gym, work, putting up with me too.
  • Herself:  Feeling pretty good.  G is taking me to the eye apointment.
  • Reading:  http://peterbowenmt.com/about/>Peter Bowen’s “Specimen Song” and enjoying it tremendously.
  • Gratitudes:  Small things like Peter Bowen, meditation, hot tubs, G.


    1. Meditation in the hot tub sounds divine. Hope all goes well with the doctors, Mage.

    2. That's a glorious Double Delight rose; so named because it's not only gorgeous colors, but deeply fragrant as well. Nice choice!

    3. You have the trigger finger thing too. With me it's the left thumb. Aggravating! I'm loving your beautiful rose.

    4. Having a very bad day and your rose is just what I needed!

    5. Hope your Dr. visits are productive. My trigger finger is the middle one on my right hand. My son says he is sure he knows how I wore that one out. Not true, maybe.

    6. Good luck with all this. Meditate well, Mage.

    7. Oooooh.... So your surgery photo was for the trigger finger. Wow! Hmmmm.... I think I'll wait on mine.


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