February 5, 2017


The sky outside is dark.  I keep peering out the window but find it’s getting darker by the minute.  There was a whole flock of finches on this bird feeder a minute ago, but now there’s only one.  I’ll be keeping an eye out as they cheer me up as much as sunshine does.

I’ll brighten the dark by running errands with George….his presence always helps grocery shopping.  He’s really a funny man, and his constant one liners cheer up anything.   I have to be armed before I leave the house.  Armed with lists.  Armed with what we really need not what we want.  Armed with laughter.

Day before yesterday, I found a light tan backpack at Ross that I really wanted.  He suggested that I could have the new pack if I got rid of many of the old purses.  So I did.  No matter how much I liked something, I put it in the discard pile if I’m not using it.  I didn’t do as well with the clothes, but I got rid of items I loved there too.  Didn’t fit, out it went.  WOW….so unlike me. 

Maybe I still remember when I had one skirt, one belt that Bobbie macraméd, and one top.  Maybe I take myself too seriously.


  • Himself:  Liked the new show at the Auto Museum but don’t think it will wear well.  Dinner out in Old Town, and a quiet evening at home.  Today he’s putting the small bronze lamp back together…one socket blinked, and it is a very old lamp.

  • Herself:  I must confess that I nodded off at my computer yesterday afternoon.  My head was acting like a metronome.  Rearranged my closet, and I turned the clothes and hangers backwards.  Let’s see what else I don’t wear.

  • Reading:  More mysteries.

  • Gratitudes:  That I was able to discard so many items.  New thinking.


    1. I'm impressed, good for you. I gave most of those purses I couldn't live without to my teenage grandgirls (5 of them) and they snapped them up. Delighted to see they liked them as much as I did and they aren't in my closet anymore. But, I keep looking at the sales.

    2. Congrats on getting rid of stuff...wonderful feeling isn't it?

    3. I have gotten rid of lots of clothes...but still have too many that I cannot throw out. They do not fit and I do not wear them! Glad your days are quietly busy and I wish someone in our house (either me or hubby) had the talent to fix something!

    4. You've come a long way eith the de-cluttering and downsizing. Well done!

    5. I usually do the grocery shopping. I don't mind, and Sue isn't a huge fan.

      Oh, I see you got the same bit of boycott spam as I did,

    6. Gorgeous rose! I have a really hard time giving up my backpacks and shoulder bags. I keep thinking I MIGHT use them. Sigh... I'll go look again...


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