February 11, 2017


The day is chilly and grey here as it was that day in Paris on this old grainy photograph.  I feel unimaginative and sluggish knowing I will have two weeks of no journaling….for yes, I have a date for surgery.  The 23rd.  That’s good.  Less pain finally fading to no pain at last.  

Sluggish too as every day since Wednesday the Store has received Jo Beth’s belongings.  I worked with her at Petco Park.  I saw her every day I worked.  I remember her smile.  She took Tylenol for her blinding headaches, and they caused her liver to fail. 

My doctor warned me of this.  For those of us in pain, which death would you prefer.  Liver failure from overuse of Tylenol or kidney failure from Aleve.  I try very hard to take nothing now, but I find that about once every two weeks, enough is enough. 


  • Himself:  He took me to the new cookie place last night…
  • Herself:  ….and they were wonderful.
  • Reading:  Starting on “Notches.”
  • Gratitudes:  Boy am I grateful.


    1. Write your heart out until they take you away.

    2. Yikes! Friends and I were just talking about this and how many pain killers they were taking. Scary.

      1. Indeed... until you learn first-hand of someone passing due to use of OTC pain killers, you never give it much thought. Horrible news for those of us who battle chronic pain.

    3. I don't take anything for pain usually either, Mage. Desperation makes me take a tylenol periodically. So sad about Jo Beth!

    4. Keeping you in my heart through this. I try to tough it out too. Sometimes pain keeps me from sleeping and I give in and take a couple aspirin. Hard not to be crabby sometimes.

    5. So sorry. Tough stuff. But cookies...my favorite weakness. I have been thinking of baking oatmeal cookies all this week. I avoid taking stuff like you, but sometimes you just need a break.

    6. Aspirin is what works for my wife.

      Hopefully, the surgery will go swimmingly well.

    7. Best of luck with the surgery. Fingers crossed. I didn't know that about Tylenol and Aleve...fortunately I am still not taking them very often. Only when desperation strikes.

    8. Oh.... I never realized that Tylenol and/or Aleve could do that to your body. Like you, I try to do without, but the other night at the hospital, I was hurting so bad I had to take 2 Acetaminophen... So very sorry for your loss. I don't know which would take you out quicker, the kidneys or the liver. Horrible... we try to live our 'dash' as best we can, but like you say, sometimes you just have to give in and medicate. I think Jo's passing is the first I've heard of someone actually dying from Tylenol use. It saddens me...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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