March 17, 2017


George agrees with me, I caught this bug from some kind person who hugged me.  Unfortunately, I kissed George and now he has it too.

·       For the short time I am awake during the day, I’m following links from Facebook to keep myself amused.  Bare bones stuff.
·       From “War History Online” comes an article about the USS Intrepid.  There’s a nice link to the construction of this 22 foot lego monster.
·       Yes, I am interested in>Presidential Libraries.  I didn’t know that each president has to raise the money to build their library and museum then the National Archives takes over and runs it.
·       Much to my surprise, Holland America Lines still has their very small ship the>MS Prinsendam.  Small in comparison to the modern behemothic cruise ships.  She can get places those mega ships can’t.
·       I always check in with>The Sartorialist, and with Ari Seth Cohen’s>Advanced Style to counter balance my boringness.  Really boring today as I am still waking every hour to cough all night long so am black and green.


  1. Hot tea with a tot of honey. Lots of it. Be better soon. Happy St.. Patrick's Day.

  2. Sharing is important. George should be grateful yes?

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Mage. Take care.

  4. I wish I could make you some chicken soup. These are fabulous Comic Con photos!

  5. Your Comic Con photos are always so much fun. The virus.. not so much. I hope you're both feeling better before too long. <3

  6. This darn coughing is so exhausting. I am so sorry and hoping that you can get back on your feet soon. Not sleeping is the worst and it does drain your energy. I am just angry all the time these days. I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. The idiots do more and more outrageous things and we all sit embarrassed at their behavior but feeling helpless.


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