March 21, 2017


You would think I would know better and not shoot into the light.

I’ve had plan’s all week to do small but wonderful things.  No such luck.  This common cold has left me sleepless in San Diego.  I’d take my meds, lay down with my head raised, and I’d wake every hour on the hour to an ugly cough.  Really ugly. Night before last, I actually tried sitting up all night.  It didn’t work.  George, with his own cold and cough couldn’t sleep either.  Finally I gave in and called the doc.

Last night, I did my cough on the hour every hour till two.  The meds then kicked in and I actually slept until six…a solid four hours.  George says he too feels much better.  We have lift off.

Maybe I can get a small project done.  Maybe I should write them down before I forget them.


  1. It sounds like you are on the mend! Take care!

  2. That cold/cough has affected a lot of people around here, too... including yours truly. I love your Comic Con pics.. so much fun.

    As for your comment on my blog... I love how you create your own verbs. ;)


  3. Darn, you are getting tired of this, I know. I know you are pushing fluids and getting rest and thinking good thoughts, so I have nothing to say, except those people are large!

  4. Well, that's a heck of a note -- getting such a cold! Glad you're getting some sleep now and feeling a bit better.

  5. Oh my... I knew we were two of a kind, but you and George have colds too??? Robert gave me his cold and now I have laryngitis and a horrible headache -- no cough of any major concern, thankfully, but gads, my joints ache and I'm like you -- cannot sleep. I nap on the couch, play games on the computer and take nasal decongestants. Not fun. I put Vicks VapoRub on my chest tonight -- hope to get this thing nipped in the bud. Take care of yourself!!! How are the hands? Are you going to do NaJoWriMo this coming month?

  6. I sure hope you are feeling better by now. What a costume!


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