March 22, 2017


  Costume drama to…

…a clash of physical drama out in the sun.

...and inside, The King and Queen await your pleasure.

I thought it might be time to get out there and roust the world.  I tried driving by going around the complex.  G’s only comment was that, “ You are insured. ”Breath taking.  Seatbelts were the only struggle.  Then I took G’s shirt to the cleaners.  Hurrah.  After that triumph, lunch, and take two bags of things to the store where I heard all the latest gossip.  Everyone loves the new manager.

Home to tell G I loved him, downloaded Comic Con 2008 and volume one of 2009 into Photobucket albums.  Oh, you might grow tired of Comic Con but I so enjoyed all the chaos anew.

...on the floor, there were isles of wonderful artists from beginners to experts to greet you like this woman and her samurai cats.


  • Himself:  Slightly cranky cause I kept him up, but he is much better.  Did laundry too.
  • Herself:  Despite all the modern meds, coughed most of the night.  Did all of the above, and as this.
  • Reading:  The new Peter Bowen (2015), is excellent.
  • Gratitudes:  That there wasn’t a desire for a nap.


    1. There may be flu free days in your near future!

    2. I should be downloading photos and organizing instead of sitting here watching TV and getting fat......

      1. You are not fat.
        I found myself led to these photographs as it is almost Comic Con time again. Like Spring,it is in the air. I could sit here left handedly and play while coughing. I really got a laugh out of today's shot.

    3. Still having trouble with my nose running -- headache much improved; laryngitis seems improved today, but then I haven't talked much, either! LOL Doesn't it feel great to be able to drive and do errands?? Don't overwork your hands though ... you'll pay dearly for it. Hugs to you... How is Diane? Is there a place where people are leaving notes to her?

      1. Yes, there is. It's on her blog. You may have to create an account with Wordpress, but there are 118 notes right now.

      2. Nope, 150 comments with five some new ones from her daughter and one from her doc.

    4. Oooooh... fun! I'm loving these photos!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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