March 27, 2017


We took brief part in a glorious few moments of a birthday this weekend.  Zoe, in the middle, is now twelve.  They came to us for a gift, no hugs yet, and time on the beach.  BFF’s my daughter says with a grin.

  • Himself:  He feels better, he says.
  • Herself:  Still coughing, calling the doc as requested, rebuilding some things on this old computer which is now back in 2015.
  • Reading:  Cadel.
  • Balance: 
  • Little.  Another old friend and an acquaintance have had strokes.


    1. next year she's a teenager.....may God help you all lol

    2. Get those hugs if you can. Very good for the heart and soul.

    3. Happy birthday to Zoe. Cute photo!

    4. Such a great photo of the joys of youth! Happy birthday to your girl! Take care, Mage.

    5. One of mine is just a few years away from being a teen and I am trying to prepare myself for our different relationship. I do love them so.


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