March 28, 2017



In my sadness after Diane’s death, I wandered the web and picked up a something nasty on my computer.  I thought I had saved everything, but I hadn’t before I turned it over to G.  2016 Comic Con is gone.  I can recreate grandchildren pictures, I can with great frustration reenter passwords and usernames, but I cannot recreate the last Comic Con Photos. 

The computer would not restore, but it would create a mirror image of itself in 2015.  If I remember, 2015 was a good year.  So now, thanks again to G’s help, the last of my programs is working again…Word has been reactivated.  He talked to India….thanks G, and this antique should run fine if I don’t wander the web wildly.

The best wandering I did this week was to make my way to the pool now two days in a row.  Warm water.  Walking.  Aerobics, friends, and sunshine.  Of course I don’t leap out of bed and enthusiastically run to the pool.  There’s great joy when I get there wearing my giant plastic arm cover all wrapped in rubber bands and bob around looking foolish for an hour.  

Yin and Yang indeed.


  • Himself:  Doing the work of three today.  He is feeling vastly better at last.
  • Herself:  Finally well enough to make two of my follow-up appointments.  PT and ENT on the  11th.  Follow up hands on the 7th.  Dentist next week.  Did someone say staycation?
  • Reading:  Cadel.
  • Gratitude’s:  That most of me feels pretty darned good.


    1. Really, now, I have been a loyal reader for some time, do you not think I deserve a photo of that pink plastic arm cover. Is that why you subconsciously posted the photo of the young man with the pink gun? Sorry about the virus. How did it get past your virus protection????

    2. Computer trouble is the sympathy.

    3. So sorry for your loss, my friend. It's always so sad to lose a friend.. online or otherwise.

      In answer to your question, the Memorial Centre is our local arena/facility for sports and concerts. :)

    4. Oh, those dang computer problems. I have become quite diligent about backing things up -- my photos at least.

    5. Oh no... I'm so sorry. That is just the scariest thing. Yay for G!

    6. What a PIT! Losing all of those photos. You know, I looked at my computer yesterday morning and thought of you and thought, "I should really start pulling all of my photos off the computer and backing them up somewhere else--like on flash drives, or something." But are even flash drives safe?? Feeling for you ... hugs, T

    7. I was focused on the loss of your friend and didn't comment about your images. Whichever Comic Con images you might have posted on you blog from last year should still be accessible to you to grab.

      I use Flickr to support my blog photos. They're on my hard drive, an external drive and up at Flickr. That extra step gives me some piece of mind for my photos - if nothing else. ;)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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