March 29, 2017


…or don’t read this if you don’t like endless stuff.

Cabrillo Lighthouse on the top of Point Loma.

Slowly but surely I recreate the 2016 image files.  So far 907 Comic Con 2016 jpgs have been found.  Not on any of my backups, of course.  The 2013 through 2016 thumb drives surfaced leaving me feeling slightly heroic for having remembered their existence.  I’m left asking myself if I so carefully save everything, why don’t all the files match.  Yes, I am laughing at myself.

Yesterday, while waiting for computer developments, I followed up on all my medical stuff.  Got doctor’s appointments:  ENT…let’s find out what’s happening.  Derm: time to reconsider all my assorted spots.  No, fat ladies don’t look better with a tan.  Orthopedics:  Last visit on the 7th then I move over to my hand guy in PT.  Both the ENT and PT appointments are on the same day.  G’s taking that day off and will drive me up to Hillcrest.  He can take me out to lunch between appointments.  Dentist:  My partial is ready, but no one was in the office yesterday.  Sometimes I feel truly overwhelmed by all this.

My goals after making the dentist’s appointment this morning is to make sure all three of my backup systems match.  One handed projects be me.


  • Himself:  Working long overtime hours as everyone else is on vacation.  Taking me to a lot of appointments next month plus a week off for one convention.  It will all balance out.
  • Herself:  Achoo.  Some coughing…feeling good probably because of the extra coffee.  I really need some more one handed, non-computer projects.  Diane Scott, my friend Bobbie’s best friend from grade school, died this morning from a massive stroke.  She was a lovely, stylish lady.
  • Reading:  Looking at small condos near the sloughs down the hill from us….prompted by a real estate flyer.
  • Gratitude’s:  The pool was wonderful this morning.  That G gave up a worn sock to cover the brace whose velcro was sticking to everything.


    1. I'm so glad you are finding your files.

    2. Dear girl, I am so sorry about the news of the loss of another friend. It's hard whether is our friend or someone else's. Overwhelming. I lost four cousins in a year last year. Sometimes one day at a time is the only thing that makes sense. May joy and peace find keep finding you.

    3. I lost everything on a cloud drive recently, research, photos and stories I will never retrieve. I feel terrible about it. I am glad you recovered your photos, Mage.

    4. Can you sketch with one hand??

    5. Faulty cloud drive. Should have backed up the cloud drive too.

    6. You are really persevering in your reclamation project, and it your bodily one too.


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