March 26, 2017


Deep sadness over Diane’s death.  Then anger over my own continuing illness…three months of this, now stirred by my computer’s unwillingness to start. Like Diane, my computer won’t restore, and I am left beyond frustrated.


  • Himself:  Still coughing but thinks he is going to live.  Wrapped Zoe’s B’day present, and played happily with the three BFF 12 year olds who visited.
  • Herself:  Miserable and coughing and wondering how much of my miserey is allergies.  G helped me rig a temporary brace, and the fancy new one is in the wash.  That might help.
  • Reading:  ”The Corner Shop,” a sixties pastiche of awakening.  Amusing.
  • Gratitudes:  Looked at motor homes and had a ball.


    1. I understand. Rage, rage on.

    2. I feel sad about Dianne too and I didn't meet her. It is amazing how a blog brings people into your life that you learn to care about. Take care, Mage!

    3. I do so want this to stop!! How can I help??

    4. I'm sorry, grieving is not an easy or short process. I miss her too. Allergies seem to have begun early here especially as the trees begin budding out.

    5. Sorry you are still feeling so bad........hopefully when the weather warms you will start to improve.

    6. My condolences. I see her lovely photo in the previous post.

      I had a semi-rage meltdown last week. Thankfully, it only lasted a half hour or so and then I wrote off the day by staying in with TV and books.

      Hang in there.


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