March 4, 2017



February 27: Rain…pouring rain all day.  Over four inches of rain thundering down our roofs as if a team of horses were prancing on the wood.  Simply wonderful stuff.

February 28:  Little need for painkillers if I behave.  Finding a way to read comfortably is the trick.  Book on pillow on tray sounds good but is a slippery scenario.

March 1:  Very frustrated that I can do so little.  Acceptance is hard when even small chores seem beyond me.  Laundry becomes a mountain yet he insists he can do it.  Most books on hand don’t catch my imagination for one reason or another either.  The books I ordered ages ago from ABE Books haven’t arrived.  Probably the back east weather has slowed them down.

March 2:  A wonderful day…and so I overdid here at the computer.

March 3:  Wonderful warm sunshine all day.  My arm stayed raised, resolutely quiet in its black sling all day.  Reading: If the tray you are using tilts, the pillow stays put better as does the book.  One book a keeper.  He did the laundry.

March 4:  Keeping my arm in the sling except for capitols and colons.


  1. Ouch! I sure hope it heals quickly.

  2. Getting to cut down on the pain killers is a great thing. Hope you continue to progress.

  3. Replies
    1. George: Amen! Robert's finding that the night-time pain pill keeps his system bogged down so I suggested a 'softener' pill to take along with the rx. pain killer. Or, switch to Tylenol and see how that does. He gets through the day o.k., but the night is hard.

  4. Haven't those warm sunny days been nice -- but it's all gonna change for a few days. Keep gettin' better!

  5. This isn't easy for you. Hopefully, it will get better soon.


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