March 30, 2017


I was dogged yesterday.  I put all my oars in the water and saved JPG’s.   No, my 2016 Comic Com images are gone forever, but I made sure everything else had been saved in three places.  Everything.  One download took five hours.  Today I will save a few more comic con images too Photobucket.

Now I am off to the grocery store to replace the Febreze saturated Swifers we bough in error.  Marta dusted using these new Swifters, and after we got over the colds, we were allergies.  Especially in the office.  Now we are fresh air and are both reminded to read labels.


  • Himself:  Wrapped warmly next to two open windows.
  • Herself:  Better…hurrah.
  • Reading:  Cadell…a witty lady.

  • Gratitudes:  REALLY grateful we discovered why we couldn‘t breathe.

    1. I too dislike the Febrize swiffers. I buy unscented washing detergent and fabric softener for the same reason.

    2. Anything with any scent is off limit here, Mage. It is not always easy toget unscented things though.

    3. I do use scent containers for bathrooms as I am not allergic. But only like the really light ones that smell like fresh air! Glad you figured that out!!


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