April 21, 2017


These blowsey, white, clumpy roses are suddenly appearing everywhere all over the city.

Coffee….there is no life without coffee.  These days, dear G staggers up the stairs with coffee for both of us plus a half slice of bread to go with my medications.  While he does email and Facebook, I have a half hour to catchup with the local news.  I’m a news junkie, one for all the garbage news.  Nothing deep or earth shaking for me before the sun comes up. 

In the middle of the car crashes and burning garages, he kisses me good bye and heads to the gym.  Then it’s my turn at the computer.  Facebook first.  I can catch up with all my friends, read Dear Abby, and move on to “Kay’s Musings.”  If I have time, I’ll read the notes on my blogs.

No matter how I feel about it, at 0645 I’m up dressed in a bathing suit I can pull up and headed off to the pool.  Do I want to go.  No. 

Yes, I love to paint, to draw, to write, to volunteer, to quilt, but I am dogged about living as best I can right now.  That means going to the pool.  I’m more than dogged about the quality of my life as I near 75.  All I have is today, and I  am determined to do today with style.  


  • Himself:  Really enjoying talking to his callers today but getting little work done.  He spent part of his lunch time with me today, and I loved it.
  • Herself:  Strained something in my  thumb and am telling the PT guy and avoiding the surgeon.  Working gently to make it better.
  • Reading:  Didn’t like the new Jance…to fragmented for what’s left of my mind.  “On the Bottom” by Commander Ellsberg. 
  • Gratitude’s:  One more follow up OT appointment.


    1. Wise words, Madam, doing today with style. Enjoy!

    2. Always live your very best.

    3. I admire your "dogged" commitment to the pool. Good on you!

    4. Awwwww... Mage...
      You're so kind, thank you.
      I'm just loving your roses!

    5. You epitomize one of my favorite words -- Persevere!! I've been spending a lot of time at Ancestry.com and the more time I spend adding people, researching dates, etc., the deeper in I get. The number of family members increases exponentially and I wonder if I'm draining that genealogical swamp or just filling it! Meanwhile, I don't get a lot of sewing done, and I need to sew. It's a much more pleasureable task than looking up records for deceased 7th and 8th generation cousins! LOL Enjoy your day and please baby that thumb! We need out thumbs for all sorts of tasks! And hug G for me.

      1. I entered five generations at Ancestry.com, and I figure other's can add more. LOL I know I have too get up and keep moving or I will die. I don't have time for that. :)

    6. Coffee. Well you could do as we did -- bring the dadgummed thing upstairs. Of course, we already had a pop fridge up here. It has been nice to avoid those two trips down and up in the morning -- two since Sue and I get up at different times. Now, I find myself going down once for the cat anyway. Not that I mind.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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