April 17, 2017


Every vacant lot, empty field, and verge are covered with daisy’s.  Yes, these are wildflowers.  Because of the huge rains we have had, these wild flowers are growing with exceptional enthusiasm everywhere.   Once I saw two pink flowers on a hillside, though I drove by the spot, I never saw them again.  Down in a creek bed, there are scatterings of orange nasturtiums.  Little yellow sour plants are everywhere too all intermixed with purple and yellow mustards.  Our world right now is a riot of color.

At the hotel, I had never seen a more beautiful display of roses.

We are home now….back on our diets.  I haven’t weighed yet, but G reports he has reached the Gordo stage.  After I recover from being weighed, I’ll hit the grocery store then work on a few new roses for you all.


  • Himself:  Gordo….
  • Herself:  …y Gordita.
  • Reading:  A 2016 Box mystery.  Boxes writing is excellent, but sometimes he gets too graphically gory for me.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I only overworked my hand a little at the convention.  That we could go to this gathering.  G spoke at the Old Timer’s meeting.  We had a blast.


    1. Life is getting back to normal by the sound of it. Great!

    2. I believe it's all those wildflowers that have caused my throat & lungs to go insane this past week. Pollen, pollen, everywhere.

    3. Gorgeous sight, lots of tiny violets coming up everywhere here. Glad you had a good time and have happy fingers again.

    4. I always love your roses. And I LOVE wildflowers. Oops! Then again they must be the bane of Delaine's (and my daughter's) existence.

    5. It is lovely to see life burgeoning again.

    6. I really enjoyed the hillsides with sunflowers and daisies. Everything was so green!

      1. When the hills dry, everything is going to burn.


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