April 7, 2017


The House Quilt….made up of American Historic homes plus the traditional log cabin quilt block.  The first full sized quilt I made.

Yes, up and showered and dressed early, then we were off to the Orthopedic office.  Yes, brace off.  One stitch out…the nurse said that most people would have just yanked it out themselves.  Use it normally…within reason.  Buy a loose thumb wrap to shelve books; don’t do anything heavy yet.  Start OT on the 11th, and back to the books in a week.

Oh, I am overjoyed.  I can’t say that often enough not being a left handed person.  Right now, I am an overjoyed right handed person .

Can’t you see me dancing?

I’m not going to do it all at once, but I will check into the writing class, pull out the quilting fabrics for Bobbie’s quilt, and think of things for Margot’s quilt.  Next Wednesday I will go into the store and chat with the guy who has been doing my job….see if he is ready to give it up. 


  • Himself:  Work really early.  Went with me to the doctor’s office….thank you dear G.  Back at work now.
  • Herself:  Really overjoyed.  The first thing I did was wash my hand and arm.  LOL
  • J  New partial fits  better too.

  • Reading:  A stand alone Box.
  • Gratitudes:  He says my thumb and fingers have a good range of motion.  Stretch, vitamin E oil.  And saying thank you a lot to you all for your support.


    1. Thanks, Marge! Best to you. Have a wonderful day!

    2. Oh, sorry Mage! Don't know where my brain is this a.m.

    3. I am happy for you. Must be very liberating even if you have to take it easy for a while. Your quilt is gorgeous!

    4. Ah what bliss to use the old soap and water again.

    5. Yay! You're almost there! Good for you!

    6. What a great idea for a quilt, and congratulations on your progress.

    7. Oh, happiness is!! I remember when I got my casts off after my surgeries. I felt freed!!! LOL Got the word on my computer... it's the motherboard! I truly figured as much, the way it was acting. Ah well, it's been good while it lasted and it's almost 20 years old! ;) Time for it to rest in peace. LOL I'll use it until it dies -- Brian backed up my desktop and parts of my C: drive -- all of my data is on an external hard drive. He says I can get flash drives which will back up my F: drive (it's 1 Terrabyte). BUT, he's offered to do a remote back up on my system so I'll have a recourse should anything go amiss. Love it... So grateful... as you say, I am blessed -- you are too!!!

    8. p.s. I dearly love that house quilt. I WILL make one for myself one day!!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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