April 5, 2017


2010: Right outside the Convention center doors, the endless stream of busses  disgorge attendees from an limited number of hotels.  Here, it seems, we have crinolined bunnies.

2012:  Utter delight indeed.

2012.  Here it is early in the day.  The crowds are thin enough that you can still see the pavement.  Advertisers are on every corner, in every bit of the sky, and draped over every building.  It’s all part of the much loved cacophony. 

2012:  By later in the afternoon, there is little sidewalk left to see.


  • Himself:  G reminds me that first  comes the Spring Round Up convention.   That’s this Thursday, through Sunday noon.  Then comes the County fair.  We love the fair.  Lastly comes Comic Con.

  • Herself:  I should be sharing fair or rose pictures with you, but I am still busy moving the Comic Con stuff over.

  • Reading:  The new Box.

  • Gratitudes:  Very grateful I have a dry arm this morning.
  • Dianne's Obituary:  http://www.adventfuneral.com/archives/audrey-dianne-schmidley.htm


    1. How exciting!

      Thank you for the link to Dianne's obit. Hugs.

    2. Was there anyone from The Walking Dead there?

    3. You attend such interesting events, Mage!

    4. Replies
      1. It always is, and wee are enjoying it even better now that we are volunteering.

    5. I love the crinolinned bunnies. Not sure about the spelling.

    6. Interesting pics. Oh how I hated crinoline skirts in '50s.


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