April 11, 2017


The sun is out.  The leaves on the trees are almost all green now.  George’s bird feeder has given one local flock of starlings a good winter feed.  We can tell as the males are almost all crowned with reds.

Today has been set aside for two doctor visits.  I’ve devolved into one of those fat old ladies who schedule more than one doctor visit in a day.  OT with the therapist who did my other thumb at ten, and the ENT man at 1315…an odd time.  I’m looking forward to letting this go over the weekend and mindlessly living through a wonderful weekend.  Later next week, I can totter off to another appointment with my greying head held high. 

I’ve tried out Windows 10 on the new laptop and am only a little confused.  That’s good.  Even better, the suitcases are up.  One for the pillows, and a hanging bag for the good clothes we’ll wear to the dinner where we usher instead of attend….we hate paying lots of money for mediocre foods but we like hearing the speaker.  And lastly, our two rolling bags for everything else.  I’m rather fond of mine.  Sentimentally attached.  All sorts of wonderful memories seep out from its black canvas sides.                                                                     

  • Himself:  Has taken a vacation day to go with me.  I am very grateful.  He will be working only two days this week.  Imagine.
  • Herself:  Better every day but for the cough.
  • Reading:  The first of the Cadells, “Mrs. Tim.” It’s set just before the second World War, and most of the characters are still discussing the first war.

  • Gratitude’s:  Getting more control over my right hand.

    1. I like my old suitcase for the same reasons. Memories.

    2. I bought someone's old suitcase for the same reason. It's too bad that airlines don't slap stickers on out suitvases the way Cunard did.

    3. I've had the Windows 10 for a while now and it's been OK, thank goodness.

    4. Missed this posting... we received a set of matching luggage as a going away present from our 'almost adopted' son back in 2004 (we were going to the U.K.) and we're still using them! We like to just take one large case with a gusset and share it. It works...especially if we're not gone more than a few days.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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