April 4, 2017


2008: Baby Edward Sissorhands.

Friday the 7th, I go see the Orthopedic Surgeon…I hope for the last time.  I’ve been in the water every day for two weeks now, and the protective bag G got for me leaks.  I worry if that hand gets wet.  Not that the repair will fall apart, but I know that the thumb shouldn’t be soaking in pool water for an hour.

I’ve checked most of my blog links and they work.  I hate visiting someone, being drawn to a fascinating link, and finding it dead.  I’ve made a mess of the house, and today I will pick up after me.  Yes, I am a slob.  Looking for pictures of Dixie too.  My brain was thinking about her at 0330…silly me.  She hasn’t responded to calls, email, or regular mail for a long time.  Friends from JR High School, I really worry about her dementia. 

Life is good.  I mean what more could I say.  The sun is out.  The sky is blue.  G’s birdfeeder is feeding, and the world is in balance in our little corner.

1965: Dixie and Ken’s wedding.  Fr. Nale in the back.  She’s in my reworked wedding dress, and I am in bright green.  Watts, CA.  Photo: PAH.



  1. Such a great photo, Mage. Yay for the last time at that Dr.

  2. I love the wedding photo. What were you all looking at?

    Hope your dr's appt goes well and you are released.

  3. I wonder what they are all staring at?

  4. Gazing off into the future? Happy for your last appointment!

  5. it is a good little corner of the world.

  6. Photo memories from the past.


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