April 23, 2017


While the world marched for science, I dozed.  Photobucket, which isn’t normally a problem, wouldn’t take this rose.  Perhaps I was mesmerized as I waited for it to work again.

Happy Earth Day yesterday.  Perhaps there should be an Arts Day also as Trump defunds PBS, the National  Endowment for the Arts, The National Endowment for the Humanities, and The National Public Radio.  Being an artist, I am stuck with some pretty firm opinions.  One of our best eras in the arts was when the Roosevelt administration spurred the government to support the arts during the depression.  That funding carried the arts forward until the 1960’s. 

We support the arts now…let’s continue doing this.         


  • Himself:  Busy day:  Target, Poolie, cole slaw, set up chairs for 600, get dressed, pot luck, meeting, take it all down.
  • Herself:  I won’t set up chairs.  Hand painful.  We are both wearing changeable clothing so we end up looking good around seven.  If I get food down my front during the pot luck, oh well.
  • Reading:  Ellsberg’s “On the Bottom.”  Fascinating.
  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday: The rose, Didn’t get upset when I couldn’’t upload it.  Invented a good broccoli salad.
  • Gratitude’s:  That just for the moment, I feel so well.


    1. Luscious pink on that rose. Don't know why these flower colors always look good enough to eat. :-)

    2. I'll support the arts like I did science yesterday. You could do a gallery exhibit on your roses, Mage!

    3. Happy feeling good day. Always a joy to realize that, "Hey....I don't hurt today."

    4. Mage, I am glad to hear you are feeling well. Yay and yay again! The rose is spectacular!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    ·        I forget that three hours of walking leaves me dozing the next day.   I’d laugh about it all if I were not half asleep.  ...