April 2, 2017



I’ve begun sending mildly irate email notes and messages.  “Dear Mystery Guild…
Yesterday, which was the first, the Mystery Guild page wouldn't take my password.  I changed my password.  It wouldn't take it.  Twice more, once by my husband, and it wouldn't take it.

Today I tried again three times.  It wouldn't take the new password.  My husband tried it, nope.
Please help...I want to buy a book.”

I did try the 800 number and was greeted by “The Office is closed.”  All I can guess is that the office is closed to email also.  I left the amorphous service department a “message” on Facebook too.  It’s a small thing, but after yesterday when all my saved journals vanished off this computer, I’m easily annoyed.


George is going to a bowling fund raiser.  I am going along as a voyeur.  I’ll take a book.l



  1. Don't get me started on technology, Mage! It is not to be trusted!

  2. Maybe they are closed because they are having website problems and are focusing n that? One would think they would have an auto-reply to let you know. I had trouble with my Great Courses password and finally had to call the 800 number. They changed the password to 12345 which finally let me in to my courses and then I changed the password, of course.

  3. Please don't mention passwords. For nearly a week I have been unable to access my emails. Orange after May will no longer do email. I have started with Gmail but the chaos it is causing is almost giving me a nervous breakdown.


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