May 10, 2017


The backroom sorters minus Barbara and I.

Dithering all the way, I made it to my exercise class after coffee and breakfast.  Yes, I survived by using my right arm lightly.  Yes too, without this class in my life, climbing all the stairs here is hell.  Folks had missed me too…that cheered me.

Yes, I’ve begun schlepping things to the store for resale.  Good things.  We will sell this condo within the next few years for a one story place.  Duck always said one didn’t have to “live with dead peoples stuff.”  Another good rule is, if you don’t use stuff, get rid of it.  Boy do we have stuff.

So after lunch, I ran off to the store to take Facebook pictures.  I knew all the Wednesday crew would be there, and boy were they glad to see me.  I really miss them.  I took pictures, hugged everybody, and my battery died.  That sort of think will certainly keep you humble and amused. 


  • Himself:
  •   Costco last night.  We had fun.  This morning: Pool, house stuff, work.  No carb diet….maybe.
  • Herself:  Easing back into the swing of things.
  • Reading:  Mrs. O, a history of Mrs. Obama’s fashions.  Fascinating.  I’m interested in fashion and designers.
  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:  The routine stuff, house stuff, and library.
  • Gratitude’s:  For a wonderful new way to check out books at the library.  Yes, you have to scan your library card, but then you just stick your whole pile of books directly into the machine, and it knows what is there.


    1. High tech at your library, Mage. We don't have that yet, or maybe ever!

    2. It is possible that some people might expect a different sort of post based on your title. Not me of course, but some people ...

    3. downsizing is such sweet sorrow

    4. You run on a battery? I didn't know you were a Robot -- with AI, I guess. George, too? Is he your human? Ah-h-h, the tech world we live in today!

    5. It's so hard to keep from accumulating things. We got rid of a ton of stuff when we moved to Hawaii 9 years ago. But somehow... somehow... we've accumulated more stuff. How can that be?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    I thought these the most inventive costumes.   Sorry about the arm, but I never got a clear view. Scheduled to work at noon, ...