May 2, 2017


Jacaranda’s in bloom.

Many of our streets have Jacaranda’s on them, but only this one near us is lined with them.  There’s a row of them lining Nimitz Blvd on its way into our neighborhood, but there is nothing as dramatic as these.

The buildings are old HUD housing.  My mother moved into one when her rent on the bay was raised.  I often wonder what she would think of 3000 a month in that neighborhood.   They are gutting one row of these old apartments…not just upgrading them but gutting them down to the bare bones.  I follow the changes with interest but know the rent will be sky high when they are done.


  • Himself:  Gym, watered plants, work, NCIS.
  • Herself:  The  waterproof Band Aid wasn’t yesterday.  The gash in my leg looked truly red and ugly by bed time.  Serious stuff so out of the pool this morning.
  • Reading:  The new Hillerman.
  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:Puttered with the red in the living room, grocery shopped, did both classes and all my exercises and gained weight.

  • Gratitudes:  Gummy vitamins.  LOL

    1. San Diego is such a lovely place to live, I guess that's why the rents are astronomical. Sort of like San Francisco. We're staying in Fresno because it's very cheap to live here.

    2. I love those trees. I wish they bloomed all year.

    3. Absolutely gorgeous blue blooms ...

      All the best Jan

    4. The street is beautiful. Those price increases will price many people out of that area I guess.

    5. Oh my gosh! That jacaranda street is just awesome and it's my favorite color too. Yay!


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