May 1, 2017


My soul wasn’t happy with an endless blue and white living room.  Poor G with his swollen knee brought up the ladder and got quilts and red pillows down from the attic for me.   The cheery reds warm me in a way the cool colors chilled me.  And now it is May Grey and June Gloom time again, and I want warmth.                                                                  

  • Himself:  Sunday: Breakfast and “Going in Style” which was flat out charming.  Today pool and work.

  • Herself:  Loved the movie yesterday, read and napped while he was at the museum.  Today pool, 2 classes….they all say I look great, but boy that stretching class is a lot of work.  Later groceries.

  • Reading:  The 2016 Bosch.

  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:The movie, hung art well, and made time for socialization with old friends.
  • The
  • Day:( May day, Beltain, Law day, Lei day...the list is huge.

  • Gratitude’s:  That I had time in the hot tub this morning with a couple of teachers who talked about teaching reading.

    1. Red white and blue...a classic combination.

    2. The quality of our problems has so improved!

      1. Oh yes, Maserati problems instead of Fiat.

    3. Your G is such a good guy!


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