June 10, 2017


First person shooter game costume:
  Fallout uniform of a person just released from Vault III.

I’m just about through decorating G’s Fallout costume.  I was hoping he would do steampunk in a kilt.  Nope, he got to laughing Trump.  Now G is a bit round.  Imagine him in a blue boiler suit, decorated correctly of course, a trump wig on, and showing that he was from Vault 1.

The wig fits perfectly.  The rest looks a bit Churchillian.

Back view….George didn’t buy all the pleather accessories, but it will still look grand and bring a laugh.


  • Himself:  We are worried about Poolie.  Her last Chemo infusion didn’t go well.  Breakfast really early.  G smogged the car, it passed, and got it registered before heading to work.  Grocery shopped too.
  • Herself:  Followed him around all morning then cleaned my workspace this afternoon.  I may have to take my costume to a seamstress to put in the zipper.  I completely these “simple” patterns came with instructions.  I did make a pattern for a simple bonnet that will work well.
  • Reading:  Finished an oldie mystery about a white house chef.  Entertaining.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I actually got his costume sewn.


    1. You have done a great job sewing it. We can post photos when it is done.

    2. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    3. Looks and sounds like this will be interesting costume.

    4. Oh my goodness! That's an awesome costume!

    5. Let's hope he doesn't need the bathroom.


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