June 26, 2017


We got to the Fair early enough to get the very first parking place.  The sun came out in waves through the fogs, and we set out with camera’s in hand to record the fair as a happening. 

We ate, we found a source for cool bottled water, and we saw every single venue we wanted to see.  I brought extra batteries for G’s camera and forgot the one for mine.   We shot horses, mules, sheep, photography, quilts, table settings, and art.  We ate.  He bought a scissor sharpener, a Highway 101 shirt.  I got small, round, amber earrings…oh, big spenders us.  We will share more delight with you later.

It will take a whole year to work off those calories.
  • Himself:  They wouldn’t let him ride this year, so he walked almost 8 hours.  His knee doesn’t hurt this morning.   He’s at work covering the audit department single handedly this morning.
  • Herself:  Only ate the one thing I shouldn’t have.

  • Ate:  Lunch was Pinks: A chili dog for me and chili cheese fries for him.  Chocolate covered deep fried oreos.  Cream puff for me and cinnamon roll for him. 
    Chocolate dipped ice cream cone which got all over my clothes for both of us.  Cottage cheese at home for dinner.

  • Gratitude’s:  Foods but once a year.


    1. Sounds like a good day out with great food. Greetings and best wishes!

    2. Glad to hear you enjoyed your treats. Looking forward to your photos. Sounds like lovely weather.

    3. It sounds like a great place to indulge the food cravings!

    4. WE have to really eat that crazy stuff once in a while or why continue living. Why would they not let him ride?? That cream puff was mostly air, so certainly few calories.

      1. New rules. I think that silly too and should have asked for a wrist band for both of us. I need to keep walking while I can.

    5. I am always amazed at just what can be fried at fairs. Fun to try the creative foods.

    6. Now you know that kind of food is bad for you (wags finger)!

    7. deep fried oreos takes them to a whole new level of good

    8. I would slap someone for the cinnamon roll!


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