July 26, 2017


There weren’t as many colorful costumes this year at Comic Con.  I know that quite a few of you aren’t as fascinated by this sub-culture as I am, but I find it a wonderfully creative world.  These folks usually design costumes based on TV shows, movies, or books.  There are always a creative few that are unique such as the makers of the full size dinosaurs that wander the halls.

I picked these few images for their color and passion.  Yes, I noticed there were more women than men.  Yes, too, there were plenty of Batmen, but they aren't as colorful.  I hope you enjoy the creativity as much as I.

I’ll be working on Friday images tomorrow.  Today I will be at the Discovery Shop shuffling the older books to another thrift store.  If they haven’t sold in three months, off the shelves they go.





  1. Love love love the Mad Hatdter and the Rabbit.

  2. Love it Mage. How fortunate you are to be able to attend and have it so close by.

  3. Agree about The Mad Hatter - I wonder if she? Paid full price for her cotton reels full of coloured threads or if they were a thrift shop purchase
    Hope you are keeping well Mage

  4. no, there weren't as many costumes this year. poop.

  5. Great snaps Mage. The Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy are my favorites. More watchers than players. I wonder why.

  6. Just love the creativity and work the folks put into their costumes. I only recognized Alice's friends but the rest I'm sure have special meaning.

  7. It is certainly a unique event with much to see and appreciate.

  8. I will say, good for you for doing this, but I will also say that my OCD could never handle it. Even the thought of such an experience sets my anxiety through the roof.

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