November 13, 2017


Thanks to a wonderful husband and a coffee maker on a timer, I start my morning slowly.  Usually I have time to read for half an hour with the local news as background on the TV. 

Did that broken fire hydrant in Escondido wash my daughter away?  Has it really been raining in Portland every day since we left?  That sort of thing.  Car wrecks, blocked freeways…that kind of disaster also catches my sense of humor in this car centric household.

From about 0610, I’m here at my computer posting to the Discovery shop Facebook account and posting a B&W shot to my Facebook account.  I’m really enjoying the B&W work.  Then I am off to the pool.  Yes, I am really trying to get there just before 0700.  I walk enthusiastically, taking up a whole lane, for half an hour, join the aerobics class for twenty minutes, then do my stretches in the hot tub until 0800.  Not enough.

I write and read and do blog things till lunch…tho I promised myself I’d be done by 0930.  Sometimes, like today, I jack hammered a doctor’s appointment in there too.  I’m still doing all those yearly doctor’s appointment things as are several other friends.  We moaned and groaned about this last night.  And laughed.

What do you do with your mornings.?                   

  • Himself:  Monday morning madness.  Meeting tonight.
  •>Herself:  Derm doc was late…nice kid.  He burned off nine spots and wanted to see me in six months, I said a year, we compromised on 8 months.
  • Reading:  Finished Katherine Graham’s “Washington.”  Excellent read.
  • Captain Poolie:  Sitting up and doing her PT when we got there. She even stood for a while.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am doing pretty good with the time change.  Hungry an hour too early and fighting it.


    1. Feed the cats is the first thing, right out of bed. Then all the mundane morning chores. Terry makes the coffee so when it's finished I pour a cup and read the newspaper online plus all the other social media to which I'm connected. Depending on where I have to be that day, I may read until 9:30 or so and then make myself ready to go out. Usually though, I do my exercises by 8, get my face on, get dressed and am out the door by 9. If I've nowhere to go, I do laundry, write a blog post, journal, work in the yard, and maybe even dust (did that this morning before walking out the door at 9:40 for all sorts of errands around town.

    2. Similar to you in many ways, though walking instead of pool. Volunteer work some mornings. We always cook our main meal of the day for noon however, so it takes some time every morning. I do blog work in the morning too. If the grandkids are around, everything is flexible!

    3. I try to get up before 6 am. Try! Have coffee, read news. Then often I go to the grocery early, I eat a lot of fresh stuff so I'm there several times a week, nothing seems to keep long. But early no lines and little traffic. What a bore I am. This morning no coffee and no milk. So I also go to get stuff I forgot even with a list:-) Then I clean me and some of my home sweet home.

    4. My mornings are reading the digital NYT, reading digital New Yorker articles, reading blogs, reading emails and then listening to CNN for an hour. That takes from 7:00 until about 9:30. Then if I am good I will do free weights for 30 minutes, or fill bird feeders, or make a list for errands to run.

    5. Blessings on a coffee maker with a timer.

    6. After feeding and walking the dog, feeding myself and taking a walk--I really have no set schedule. I kind of go with the flow on what I feel like doing.

    7. I spend a lot of time on the computer reading, writing, posting photos, editing photos etc.


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