December 15, 2017


If only I can remember…my mantra for the day.  I’m skipping the pool so I can get into work early.  It’s the first day of our semi annual 50% off sale.  There are a few things G wants me to  get.  There’s that quilt top I want to get and use as a back for Margot’s quilt.  I want to take lots of photos to post on Facebook.

If only I can remember…I have an appointment at 2 to get my hair done.  No helmet hair.  Thank you.  Claudia recommended this lady who has the same name as I do.  Oh, I so hope she has some imagination and I don’t come out looking like a little/big old lady.  Think of me as a Rock and Roll star.

If only I can remember that right around the corner from the hairdresser is the grocery store.  We are running low on cottage cheese and yogurt.

If only I can remember…earrings.  Mother’s giant amethyst earrings pull one of my earlobes down into a rabbit shaped ear.  I’ll wear them anyway.  I keep forgetting I own them.

I can remember I own one old Sears black wool coat.  I shall throw that over my shimmering fabrics and hope I don’t look too foolish.  Last night was fun, and G’s been with the museum long enough to rate a bomber type museum coat.  1000 hours of work to get one.  The chicken was good, and the cheese cake was great.  Tonight should be pretty good too.  Car guys in Levis last night, and car guys in formal attire tonight. 

I can remember that life has a sense of humor.

  • Himself:  Red shirt and black pants last night.  Black tie attire tonight.  Got a 500 buck bonus before taxes.  He’s losing weight and looks very good.  Get’s off early today too.
  • Herself:  Last night black pants and red shirt with a tasteful Christmas tree on it (which I got at work to wear to work.).  Tonight a long silky dress and petite filet mignon.  Margot’s come down with the flu.  No flu shot.
  • Reading:  Fairy tales.
  • Captain Poolie:  She recorded a small loop that played on a TV in the break room.  She sounded good but looked fragile.
  • Gratitude’s:  Laughter.


  1. I hope you remembered to list all of the things that you have to remember. :)

  2. Make sure you keep the ladies away from G. Harassment goes both ways! So glad you are having such a rich holiday season. I sit here and do nothing but watch the fire!

  3. Good luck with the new hairdresser. Wish I could break the trend. You certainly are busy. Enjoy the rush.


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