December 1, 2017


Yes, it is.  The World AIDS Day Org writes:

“Let's End It. End isolation. End stigma. End HIV transmission. You've helped us fight HIV. Now, let's end it. This World AIDS Day join the fight to end the negative impact of HIV.”   They also remind us that less than 50% are getting treatment.  Right to health is what it is all about.

I share with you this day one of the AIDS Quilt panels the San Diego group did.  Each block has a story.  Michael and Jon were friends since childhood.  Mark Ryan’s mother Nancy was dying of cancer, but she kept making blocks for her son until she died.  Rob drove the big truck for Mama’s Kitchen to help deliver food and help to those who needed it.  After he died, his father took over the job.  I began making blocks for my friend Dale then began helping make the blocks until the San Diego AIDS Quilt Group disbanded.

Yes, Let’s End it.  


  1. We have the Red Scarf Project going on in our area ..... also for HIV Aids support.

  2. Great theme! Let’s end it, indeed!

  3. This is so sad. Less than 50%? That’s pitiful.

  4. We have come so far, lets finish this.

  5. It's past time for this to end. Your contributing to the AIDS quilt makes me feel I'd like to do the same up here. It's like finding a cure for cancer or Crohn's/Colitis disease. We keep raising funds and it's like the money goes into a black hole. I know there's more than enough money and intelligence in the world to cure these diseases. We must end them NOW.

  6. P.s. I love your kitty-cat pillow!


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