January 6, 2018


  •      ·       Small news: One big stack of small book filled, garaged cartons was found leaning perilously toward the Toyota yesterday morning.  I went off to work and came home to find all the cartons rearranged.  The Toyota was saved.  George was coughing.
    ·       I did take two of the small book cartons to work and got them priced and shelved.  After a lightening grocery store strike for dinner stuff, I faded away to nothing much and slept till almost eight this morning.  This is not a small thing at all.
    ·       In the collectable business, “smalls” are things like salt and pepper shakers or other tiny things.  Doll house furniture is another good example.  We have received another seven or so boxes of medium sized ceramic, wood, or metal cats from the lady who collects huge quantities of things.  I have to admit that I have a small and varied collection of cats myself.  Oh guilt.  But you would be proud of my restraint.  I haven’t bought one of this ladies cats.
    ·       Not medium news at all, this flu has been devastating my city.  George is getting better, but three others in my age bracket have been hospitalized.  One is my friend Bill-the-pricer from the store.  This is frightening.
    ·       Stupid news:  I loaded the car up from work and left a cook book on the trunk.  Half way home I realized what I had done.  I found it middle of the street just in time to see a Jeep drive over it.
  • Himself:  Coughed a lot yesterday.  Not going to work at the museum today.
  • Me, myself, and I:  Taking G to brunch, taking a close look at a bent chair and bug infested batting…Oh, can they be saved.  LOL
  • Reading:  An old Louise Penny.
  • Captain Poolie:  No news is not good news.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I can help.


  1. Hope you don’t get that flu, Mage.

  2. Oh please don't catch that nasty bug. Good for you not buying any more cats lol.

  3. Enjoy your time in Three Pines, where there are also no cats, real or ceramic. Penny is a dog person, it seems. ;)

  4. Don't know how you resisted those kittens. They are adorable.
    Poor George has really been slapped down by this bug. Sure hope it leaves him soon. Enough is enough.
    We are in a flu epidemic here also. Sure is tough shopping and holding your breath at the same time.

  5. Ouch on the cookbook!
    On both legs of our flight to Maryland, the person next to me was ill with fever or cough. In Maryland, our son and daughter-in-law had horrible coughs. My son has been coughing for over 2 months. We had to pick up our grandson at Day Care because he developed a fever. We still can't believe we didn't get sick ourselves. At this point, incubation period should be over so whatever cold we catch will be homegrown. Please be careful and take care of yourselves, Mage.

  6. Those are the cats I like - that don't scratch or poo.


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