January 14, 2018


Baltimore Album Quilt, 1850’s, Mingei Museum.

Time seems to float on by me these days. Sometimes it pauses.  I can feel that.  I read a chapter, look up, and only moments have passed.  I can sew the whole back of a quilt, with severe measurement problems and me failures, and only an hour passes. 

Yet, nearing time to sleep, time seems to compress it’s self until little gets done.  No pauses that I notice.  Dinner…I read a good mystery while I cook.  I keep quiet and simple as does the meal.  Dishes?  Gotta find fabric to finish the back of the quilt instead.  I have no time to get things done after dinner if I want to catch a favorite show.

Today, I am taking unworn clothing out of my closet while himself plays computer games.  I shouldn’t feel annoyed as it is my suggestion that he does his.  I’m bothered in a guilty sort of way.  My stack is bigger than his stack sort of thing. 

Time seems wrapped tightly this afternoon.  I need to relax and enjoy the watery sunshine, enjoy visiting Poolie, enjoy G’s birds fluttering in the trees.

I too need to pause.


  1. Time IS a funny thing. It creeps it flies it drags ... strange.

  2. Live in the moments, Mage. Enjoy!

  3. One of the most beautiful album quilts I've looked at in a long time. Look at those tulips and the turkey tracks. It probably would meet my mother's quilting standard, too. 12 spi. You know, those seven between needles.
    You have a great week.

  4. Time is an odd thing. Because we forget most things, I don't think my life feels any longer than it did decades ago.

  5. Will send you an e-mail... huggers, dear friend!


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