January 30, 2018


Bobbies Crow Quilt: Top pinned.

Back: A cacophony of fabrics.

Now I have to find some pieces of my sewing machine before I can start.  You know how it goes…you put something somewhere so you don’t lose it.  That’s me.  There is a flat plate that goes around the machine arm.  Sewing large pieces is much easier with that plate on the machine.  I checked in the garage yesterday.  Not there.  Let us hope it is upstairs somewhere.

Bobbie is a painter of some note.  I love saying that.  She did a show several years ago using crows to represent members of her family.  Dead crows for dead folks etc,.  She loves crows.  She started her life in art as an illustrator.  Very realistic.  Very formal.  These two center panels represent her transition from the formality of Mondrian to the Expressionism and Abstractionisms found in the art world today.  They are a mandala of color in a two shade of purple background.

My whole goal of the day is to find that carefully saved sewing machine plate.

Yes, I see you are laughing at me.  I am too.

  • Himself:  His work queue has picked up at last.  He’s back to eating his main meal at noon.  A short visit with Poolie tonight.
  • Me, myself, and I:  Finding the sewing machine plate, laundry, and reading.  Heaven.
  • Reading:  Not one thing at the moment.  Next on the pile on the list is Windspear’s Journey to Munich.
  • Captain Poolie:  Dozing.  Music in her ears.  Quiet family around her.
  • Gratitude’s:  That we are here today.


  1. I can’t tell you the number of times I put something away so I’ll know where it is next time I need it. Some things I have never found. I wish you better luck, Mage.

  2. It should be in the last place you look.

  3. Yikes! I know the plate you mean and I know the frustration you speak of as well. I've also been known to lose things a few (many, many, many) times.

  4. Frustrating when you know it didn't walk out of the house by its self. Good luck.
    Didn't know you had to be so flexible to quilt.

  5. Your sewing machine piece will turn up...likely stored close to said machine for convenience in finding it later.

  6. I am usually misplacing things and find them 80% of the time when I need them. The rest of the time I get grumpy and start on something else!

    1. We did th4e garage, all the sewing things, the bookcase near where I work. Everywhere...and George found it where I used to work. LOL

  7. This quilt is a true work of art. It will be fantastic when done. Bravo!

  8. Yes, all of these quilts deserve special display or a cuddly wrap around.

  9. Such a gorgeous quilt. Ah losing stuff. More than once I have tried to fish my keys out of my purse to go off somewhere only I can't find them. Since the car key is with the house key and I'm inside I know it's here somewhere. Once or twice it was in the front door. Makes me feel like a loon.


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