February 8, 2018


The Red quilt.

I’ve been thinking a lot about quilts lately.  I need to put some energy into finishing Bobbie’s Crow Quilt and move on to Margot’s quilt.  Fear slows me down a lot.

Slowly over the years I’ve joined quilt groups on Facebook.  Just recently, two of us in “Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts” found each other.  We met online way back in the “80’s.  “I didn’t know you liked quilts,” she said.  Boy, do I like quilts.  Even when I make row after row of very visible measuring errors, I still like to quilt after it is done.  Sometimes I get stuck.  Once when I was doing The Blue Quilt, I just lined things up but didn’t sew anything…forever.  More than a year.

I’m doing better with The Crow Quilt.  There is a family of crows that eat at the grass around the Y pool.  As I walk my laps, I note what they do and how they do it.  They will never know how much I appreciate them.  (The parrots are back and everybody but me Oooooo’s and Ahhhhhssss’s over them.) 

Right now I have drawn a row of crows along the bottom of the pinned quilt.  They are about two feet high all sitting in a row on a knarly branch.  I’ve carefully rolled these two feet into bicycle clips.  My thought is that I’ll quilt that row, unpin them as I go, then draw and roll up another two or three feet.  If I work over the chalk, I will lose everything. 

I feel a bit like one of the early astronauts.

  • Himself:  Work has slowed down.  “Everything is just plugging along,” he says.  “We will take it.”
  • Me, myself, and I:  Still feeling lost.  Main email is down, no doctor stuff.  Lots of books yesterday, but I still am in need of fiction.  Two gatherings scheduled for Poolie.  Perhaps the museum will do one more.
  • Reading:  Louise Penny’s “A Fatal Grace.”
  • Captain Poolie:  Pam has requested Poolie pictures.  I sent her all that I had personally taken.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am here.  Too many out with the flu.


  1. Applause for your quilts. Painting with fabric. I have only made baby quilts. Too chicken to tackle bigger ones. Glad you are here too!

  2. My sister is a fabulous quilter. Once she had to draw the motifs she was quilting in chalk and I wish I could recall what she did not to erase them. She did make them a row at a time, I recall.
    Good job you, committed to getting it done.

  3. I admire youe determination and talent, Mage. I couldn't do that quilt!

  4. A row of crows is a horrible thing to loose.

  5. I have long since lost patience with sewing and yet it was something that I did for hours a day once....

  6. I'm leery of crowds these days because that flu is so deadly. Notwithstanding that the flu shot doesn't cover the strain that's going around. Don't want/need to be ill. Robert's getting as bad as I am about leaving the house. House hermits, that's us!

  7. Totally admire your tackling quilting. It terrifies me.
    The flu has me staying pretty close to home or if out, I go early when few are about. Reminds me of the old polio days. This is a viscous strain.

  8. Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous, Mage. I wish I had the know how and patience.


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