April 26, 2018


Perhaps I was mourning yesterday.  Unlike Claudia, I’m not good at bouncing back from things.  She would leap on her bike or go on a hike.  I slept.  On and off all day, I slept.  Not voluntarily, mind you.  After I did something, I would fall into the Zzz’s for a half hour or so.

After the pool and breakfast, I dozed off at the computer.  I had trouble getting through work and came home to nap.  At least, I didn’t fall asleep behind the wheel.

Today I am fractionally better.  As Duck would say, “It’ll have to doooooooooo.”
  • Himself:  Work is slow. His assistant quit for a better job, and he has been doing the bosses work just to keep busy.  BBQ at the “Fresh Air Friday” meeting potluck….he loves doing the cooking.
  • Herself:  Yesterday was just flat out hard work moving books around.  Today I am sewing no matter what.  Bringing Joan’s Auntie Pat’s Fruit Salad to the Pot Luck.
  • Reading:  “The Health of the President’s”  Their health from Washington to Clinton…it’s scary.
  • Watching:  News later with a diet Coke.
  • Gratitude’s:  That minus a twinge or two, I feel much better.  Thank you all for your notes and caring.


  1. I missed you yesterday. I am so sorry, on both fronts. I know the dreadful lassitude, bone deep, of sadness, and fall asleep involuntarily, for the same reason.
    I think I would be driving that beautiful road, seeing how well my car and tires hugged the pavement!

  2. We are all wired differently. Take the time that you need, and don't beat yourself up.

  3. Catching up on your past posts and very sad to read about your struggles with forgetting. Maybe diet, maybe aging, maybe the doc can help. It must be frightening. Hubby is having forgetfulness days as well. His mother moved slowly into a form of senility when she reached her late 80's. Must gird our loins for what may lie ahead. I lost a classmate this week. Her horse had a heart attack while she was riding and fell on her. We were not close, but I also did not have many classmates!

    1. So sorry for your loss, and what a shock to lose a friend in that way. Goodness... I'm having trouble remembering things and haven't reached 80 just yet. Getting closer, day by day, though. Take care...

  4. If you feel tired as you did, sleep is a good prescription. Feel better soon, Mage.

  5. We deal with things in our own way. What works for some doesn't others. Sleep gave you an escape and that can be good.

  6. It takes time. I think you had enough for the time being and needed a some out time. Be kind to yourself.

  7. My sleep pattern is horrible at times and I'm up and down during the night. Some days I drift off and don't realize I've fallen asleep until I wake up. Most times it's at the computer. We have to do whatever our body tells us to do when we are working through a loss. Know you have been in my thoughts... hugs and love... T

  8. I've looked through all of your posts and can't find where you said you needed to call Joan... it confused me as I thought Joan had passed...


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