May 29, 2018


We planned a very unplanned and totally relaxed day Monday.  It happened, and it really worked.  We woke late, did nothing much, and only as the sun began hiding behind the fog did we head out to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  It’s one of my favorite places.  With the bay on one side and the ocean on the other, it is heaven as far as I am concerned.

You can’t go into the pool with open wounds, and I have had a lot of missing skin lately.  If I can’t get into the pool, I can’t walk.  Just a month or so out of the water, and I am panting as if I had COPD.  So I didn’t walk far yesterday.   Tomorrow back in the pool.

Rarely do marker stones differ, but here we have a big granite marker and a WWI marker also.

George’s mom and dad’s stone had lost the black in its lettering.   They had a flag but no rose.  Dale had a flag and a rose.  Then we cruised the bay side.

“Can we find Mikey,” I asked G.  He remembered the area.

There was a parking place too, and as we reached the rows of walls and markers, I turned the corner and said without planning, “I would think he was buried right here.”  My hand was resting right on his marker.

I am eating simply these days.  Hamburger, avocado, and a little salad dressing.  He went off to an outside meeting, and I took a Tony Hillerman to bed with me and KPBS military films.

Taking a photo of Mikey’s row so I can remember
  • Himself:  Delightfully swampt with Monday’s work.
  • Herself:  Mundanities like laundry, cleaners, and a meeting at 0645.    Went through all my links on the right and deleted all the dead ones.  Yes, I read all those./
  • Reading:  Tony Hillerman
  • Watching:  Something we recorded last night.
  • Gratitudes:  That I seem to have an inner peace now.


  1. Inner peace is good. I too have been feeling that as we head into summer and my responsibilities lessen. I realize, of late, that I am so concerned with getting everything "just right" that I am creating turmoil in my soul. "Good enough" is going to have to substitute for "just right" for awhile.

  2. Your last statement is profound Mage. I search for the same. I am happy for you!

  3. So glad you have found that inner peace. Such an elusive condition most days.

  4. Inner peace. That can bring lots of money on the black market (or should that be Black Market). With all the controversy on capitalization, I am cautious. We are very muggy here. The temps stay below 80 but with the humidity it is barely comfortable. Your area looks perfect.

  5. Looks like a fine place, particularly on that day.

  6. it was a really good Monday

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  8. I agree that inner peace is a wonderful thing to savor always.

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